Misting & Cooling Nozzles Brass (pack of 20)

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HIGH Pressure System is at least 250 psi.
MED Pressure System is at least 180 psi, but less than 250 psi.
LOW Pressure System is at least 60 psi, but less than 180 psi.

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Please note: MTC nozzles can ONLY be used with AmFog brand anti drip bodies, ball stems, and springs.
These patented misting nozzles are designed to accomplish an extremely high emission velocity with a low flow rate. Liquids are atomized into aerosol particles, which flash-evaporate evenly into the environment, creating the fine mist. The mist heads can atomize liquid even in climates with fairly high relative humidity.

They create an extremely fine mist, with a high percentage of droplets at less than 50 microns in size. The pin (impeller), orifice, and nozzle body are designed in such a way that when fluid is forced through, a very fine  mist is created.
MT, MTC, AF, and Barb nozzles have a cone-shaped spray.

Our ISO 9001 certified quality control team ensures each mist nozzle maintains the required design specifications, tolerances, and consistent high quality.

Our mist heads create a very fine droplet size, ideal for greenhouse misting systems, home misting systems, warehouse misting and cooling systems, and industrial misting and cooling systems.

The micro misting head size allows it to be placed into small confined areas. No wrench is needed (except with the AF nozzles); just tighten or remove by hand. The self-sealing o-ring provides a leak proof seal; no tape or sealant is required.

MT nozzles can be installed directly into rigid piping or tubing of almost any size, as long as there is an adequate wall thickness of at least 1/8".

MT nozzles do not have a removable internal pin.
MTC nozzles have an internal pin that can be removed for cleaning, and can ONLY be used with AmFog brand anti drip bodies, ball stems, and springs.
AF nozzles can also have a filter inserted.

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