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Check Valve Ball Stems & Springs (pack of 20):
High pressure system is at least 250 psi.
Med pressure system is at least 180 psi, but less than 250 psi.
Low pressure system is at least 60 psi, but less than 180 psi.
Check valve ball stems and springs are a component of misting and cooling system anti-drip nozzles. When line pressure is decreased, the spring in an anti-drip moves the check valve ball stem to stop fluid flow to the nozzle head.

Filters (pack of 20): Our polyethylene nozzle filters have a finer filtration than mesh strainers.

O-Rings (pack of 20): Specifically designed to fit and seal precisely with all AmFog brand nozzles, anti-drips, and drain valves. When seated properly, o-rings provide a water-tight seal.
NBR (Nitrile or Bunan) General purpose.
FKM (Viton or Fluorocarbon) Use with chemical applications, such as mosquito control.

Plugs (pack of 5): Used for fine-tuning misting and cooling systems. Where variable conditions exist, such as seasonal humidity, differing amounts of flow may be required over time. In order to achieve these optimum conditions, plugs can be interspersed into a system as required.

Stepped drill: Designed for single-operation drilling of 10/24 UNC thread, hole, and flat surface, for the positive seating of o-rings.

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