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LOW Pressure System is 100 psi or less. Drain valve opens at approximately 30 psi and closes at approximately 50 psi.

HIGH Pressure System is over 100 psi. Drain valve opens at approximately 70 psi and closes at approximately 120 psi.

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A drain valve evacuates liquid and relieves pressure from the system line.

It is recommended that all line misting systems have a drain valve installed. Why is this important? When liquids are not drained from the line, minerals can solidify within the line and in the nozzles. When the system is next used, this debris will then dislodge, likely clogging the nozzle heads. Also, liquids should be drained from lines to prevent freezing.

The body of the drain valve has a ball and springs inside. When pressure in the mist system line increases, the pressure pushes the ball so that it seats at the opening of the drain valve cap, preventing liquid from passing through. When the misting system is shut off and the line pressure decreases, a spring pushes the ball away from the opening, allowing liquid to pass through and drain from the line.

A drain valve should be installed at the lowest point in the system. This allows gravity to move the liquid in the line toward the drain valve.

Our drain valves work well in either a low pressure or a high pressure misting system. Different spring strengths are used to open and close the drain valve, depending on the psi.

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